Teen Slang and Lingo for Parents in 2021

# Does it sound like kids are using a completely different language? Well, they are.

It seems like a right of passage for an older generation to complain about the "new language" the younger generations use. It all seems like gibberish, right? The fact is, language does change from generation to generation, at least to some degree. This may be more true today than ever because of social media, technology, and other factors.

New words pop up so frequently that trying to keep up with it all can feel like a an exercise in futility. And yet, it's important that parents know some of the most commonly used terms. The list below is by no means complete, but knowing these words will put you ahead of the curve. And if you think we missed anything, please let us know by emailing [email protected]


9 A parent is watching
AF As f*ck. For example, I'm tired af
Basic Used as a non-complementary way to say someone is only interested in trendy or popular things
Boots Very, a lot
Boujee Rich or acting rich
Cap Lying
CD9 Can't talk, parents are here
Crashy Crazy and trashy put together. Basically, a train wreck
Dank Something really good
Dope Cool or awesome
Extra Over the top or dramatic behavior. For example, my parents are so extra
FFS For f*cks sake
Finna Going to do something or intending to do something
Fire Hot, trendy, amazing. Also may use, straight fire
GOAT Greatest of all time
Gucci Cool, good, or going well. For example, we gucci right now
Ghost Ignore someone on purpose. For example, she's totally ghosting me
Hangry Hungry and angry put together
Heard To have a deep understanding of a topic being discussed
I'm dead laughing so hard you're "dying"
Left me on read When someone on Snapchat opens your snap and doesn't snap back
Lit Cool or amazing
LMIRL Let's meet in real life
Low key Keep it quiet; don't tell others
No cap For real. Not a lie
OG The original. Original gangster
OMG Oh my god
Periodt End of statement with real emphasis, stronger than ending with a regular period
POS Parents over shoulder
Requestion Request and question mashed together. To question again
Salty Angry or bitter. For example, why was she being so salty to you?
Shook Shaken by something or some news
Sic/Sick Cool, sweet
Sip tea Mind your own business
Skurt Go away or to leave
Slay Being awesome at something. For example, he slayed that guitar solo
Snatched Looks good, perfect, or fashionable
Swell To work out, often to try and look bigger
Swole Looking big, buff, usually from working out
TBH To be honest
Tea Gossip, news. For example, what's the tea from last week?
Thicc Looking good in your skin regardless of your size of shape
Thirsty When someone shows a lot of attention to another person they're attracted to, usually because they're interested in having sex with the person
Tope Tight and dope put together. For example, that song is so tope
Yeet A highly expressive word used to convey excitement, approval, surprise, etc. It's often used when throwing something (an object, ball, etc.)
YOLO You only live once. Usually used ironically


Bae Babe, boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, before anyone else
Basic Boring, average, unoriginal
BF/GF boyfriend or girlfriend. These are generally used in text messages only
BFF Best friends forever
Bruh Gender neutral way of saying bro, dude. May refer to anyone, including parents, as bruh
Curve Reject someone romantically
DTF Down to f*ck
Emo Someone considered emotional or likes lots of drama. Often overly sensitive, emotional, and full of angst. There's also a certain style characterized by dyed black hair, tight t-shirts and skinny jeans, etc.
Fam Group of friends
Flex Showing off
Karen A disparaging way to refer to a middle-aged woman who is rude, especially as it pertains to race and/or cultural
Noob/n00b Someone who is new at something or doesn't know what they're doing
Ship Associated with relationships. When people are shipped, it means they should be in a relationship
Simp A guy who will do anything for a hot woman
Snack A way to refer to a very attractive woman or man
Snatched Means something that has been obtained. For example, I wanna snatch Joe
Squad Group of friends that hang out together regularly. Sometimes used ironically
Sus Suspicious, shady, can't be trusted. For example, he's acting really sus
Throw shade To give someone a dirty look
Tight Close friend or relationship
Tool Someone who's rude, obnoxious, or embarrasses themselves


420 Marijuana
53X Sex, get together to have sex
Avocado A person who is socially construed as straight but is actually gay
Crunk Getting high and drunk at the same time
CU46 See you for sex
Dayger Partying during the day or having a day rager
Down in the DM Let's someone know there's info about an upcoming sexual hook-up in their social media, DMs, or texts
Function/Func Party
GNOC Get naked on camera. For example, GNOC for me
Kick back small or laid back party
Molly Ecstacy (MDMA), the party drug
Netflix and chill Invitation to come over and have sex
NIFOC Naked in front of computer
OC/Open crib No parents are home. Also used to indicate being at a party where there are no parents
Rager Big party
Smash To have casual sex
Sloshed To be drunk
The Plug The person who supplies the drugs and/or alcohol
Throw down Throw a party
Turnt To be high or drunk (used to be known as "turnt up")
WTTP Want to trade photos. Often a way to suggest/get nude photos
Wocky Slush A drink made by mixing cough syrup with codeine and Sprite, then put into the freezer to get a slushy consistency
X Ecstacy


💯 Stamp of approval, total agreement
🍑 Butt, round butt
👻 To be ghosted or dumped without explanation
🍒 Breasts, testicles, or virginity
🤤 Desiring someone sexually. Sometimes in response to nude photos
💦 Ejaculation
😈 Feeling horny or naughty
👁️👄👁️ "It is what it is"
🍃 Marijuana, weed
🍆 Penis
🧚‍♀️✨ Sarcastic or mean spirited
👅 Sexually activity, especially meant to mean oral sex
👉👈 Feeling shy or nervous, usually about flirting or something sexual
👌 Sometimes meant to show support for white supremicists
🌶️ Spiciness, inappropriate, or risque content or behavior
👀 Used when sending or receiving nude pictures
🔨 Used to refer to sexual activity
🌮 Vagina

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