Dr. Doug Kaufman

Dr. Doug Kaufman is the founder and CEO of Vertroos Health. Doug is also an experienced leader, entrepreneur, psychologist, prolific public speaker, angel investor, and most importantly, father to an amazing 15-year old daughter.

Prior to Vertroos, Doug was the CEO of TransLoc from June of 2014 to August of 2019. Under Doug’s leadership, TransLoc established itself as a market leader for on-demand microtransit solutions, increased TransLoc’s value by more than 15X in 4 years, and created innovative technologies that improved transportation for millions of people. All of which was noticed by Ford Smart Mobility, which acquired TransLoc in early 2018.

Doug received his PhD in Social Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. While at VCU, Doug conducted research, published numerous articles in scientific journals, taught undergraduate courses, and created AlleyDog.com, an educational resource that is currently being used by millions of students across the globe as an essential e-learning resource. Doug was also an early team-member at Blackboard where he played an integral role in deploying several key initiatives, which firmly established the company’s flagship e-learning platform.